I’ve used a number of Content Management systems in the past, both as a developer and as an author.  Many people have their own favourite CMS, whether it be based on cost, usability, suitability, or even platform (.NET, PHP, Java, etc).

However it can often come down to the best tool for the job, and for some people, or some situations, CushyCMS is going to be that tool.

CushyCMS is a very, very simple content management system.  It’s simplicity really makes it a great little tool.

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JavaScript Tip: Identify the location of a JavaScript file

This is a very short JavaScript tip.

Occasionally it is useful to obtain the path of a JavaScript file; for example, in order to refer to an image or other file which is located relative to your file.


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Driving people to your website


A beginners guide to SEO?

Primarily, I am a software designer/developer or even a software architect; but I do a lot of work with websites and I work for a media agency, so I am often asked for help with “getting my site on Google”.  But, really what people want is (relevant) traffic for their website, which of course may or may not come from Google.

This post contains a summary of the advice I generally give on this subject.  It really is an introduction to the subject for less technical people.

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Why I switched to Google Chrome

I have been flirting with Google Chrome on the Mac since it’s early developer builds, and must admit that it’s been something of an on/off relationship.  In the earliest builds, it’s lack of bookmarking tools made it more a toy than a truly useful browser, but it has been great to witness the (rapid) development of Chrome over the last 18 months.

So just what is great about Chrome? And will ordinary users really feel the difference?  If you are still using Internet Explorer on Windows, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  But there is something for everyone here…

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iPhone Bookmarklets

This post is a bit of an experiment.  I want an iPhone bookmarklet that will allow me to subscribe to RSS feeds!  I use Google Reader currently, and found a couple of bookmarklets on their blog which do the trick.

I also came across a handy ‘find in page’ link which is something I often miss with mobile Safari!

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Another Jaguar Configurator for the XJ

Two years after the first Jaguar Configurator I was involved with went live, I am happy to say I was involved in the new configurator for the All New XJ.

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YAF Integration to Umbraco 4

For a website we are currently working on, we needed a Forum.  The new Forum4Umbraco is still in early development so we turned to Yet Another Forum.  This post describes how to integrate YAF into Umbraco 4 as a User Control.

This means you can create a template in Umbraco, and then insert the following line(s) of code to get an instant forum:

<form runat="server">
    <yaf:Forum runat="server" ID="forum" />

This was also possible because we do not need to share Membership information between Umbraco and YAF.  It may well be possible to share membership, and it’s something I’d like to look into if I ever get the time!

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Umbraco DocType Inheritance

This is a post in response to the ongoing discussion about DocType Inheritance in Umbraco.

I am working on a large site with a lot of different doc types. They do all share some common properties – Breadcrumb name, and menu name for example. I also need to add Metadata fields to each of these document types at some point.

Niels is probably correct – “inheritance” would save me half an hour here, half an hour there. But I do still think it would make my life easier and take some of the tedium out of website development!

I have been giving this some thought over the last few days and wondered if some of my thoughts would be of use to anybody.
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XSLTSearch Umbraco Media Section

I am currently working on a website which has a media gallery in it (functionally similar to JD Smooth Gallery but written in YUI)

Basically I have a gallery of images and some meta data (descriptions, titles) etc defined in the Umbraco Media section.

Document Type

Document Type with Media Picker
In my Document Type I have a Media Picker which allows you to select the Media. The alias for my field is ‘gallery’.

I have modified XSLTSearch so that it can be configured to treat certain fields as Media and will search the Media section.

XSLTsearch Macro

You will need to add a new field to the XSLTSearch Macro with an alias of “mediaFields” in which a comma separated list of fields containing media can be placed.

Here is a sample macro statement from Umbraco v4:

<umbraco:Macro runat=”server” Alias=”XSLTsearch”

You will also need to replace the XSLTsearch macro with the one I have modified (based on the latest v2.7 of the macro).  Download the modified XSLTsearch here.

Umbraco GetMedia Bug

Incidentally there appears to be a possible bug/feature in Umbraco if you want to be able to select a Media Folder in the Media Picker.  The Umbraco function “umbraco.library:GetMedia” will not work unless you add an Upload field to the Media “Folder” data type, with an alias of “umbracoFile”.

Umbraco Codegarden ‘08, Umbraco hints and tips

Having only used Umbraco for a couple of weeks, it was great to have the opportunity to attend the Codegarden event.  This was an opportunity to meet other developers and to learn about Umbraco.

It was also an opportunity to pick up some helpful hints and tips, which I’ve documented in this post.

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